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What does your business need?

What is the process you follow to acquire a customer for your business? 
We will help you create a battle tested customer acquisition strategy that will continue to fetch you customers monthly with or without advertising.

Capture more leads, grow your customer base.
Think of lead generation as throwing a fishing net into the sea. The size of the net holes determines the size of the fishes that might be caught. And when you drag the net out of the water, you sort the fishes caught in it and throw the unwanted ones back into the sea. 
Lead generation is that net.

Are you a new business looking to spread the word about your products or you are an existing business seeking to increase your brand authority?
Every business has a story and we will help you tell your story to attract your dream clients.

Do you want to harness the power of a sales funnel to more than double your average sales per customer and 10x your revenue?
We are the #1 sales funnel engineering team in Africa.
Whether you sell online or offline, we will engineer a funnel that will grow your revenue faster than the any other strategy could.

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Why we do what we do

We believe in african entrepreneurs

Blakrise Marketing Consult was established to enable all ‘afripreneurs’ to grow their business into powerhouses through innovative marketing techniques.

The almighty formula for business success is;
Innovation + Marketing = Profit
This formula relies mainly on business innovation and marketing innovation.
As an entrepreneur working daily to perfect your business model, adding the burden of marketing can be a difficult task.

We understand this.

It has been proven without doubt, that any entrepreneur seeking to quicken their steps to business success, will need a strong team of innovative marketers – to bring a quick victory.

Blakrise Marketing Consult is the team you need to partner you on your way to business success. Having an innovative product or service is not enough to bring success, if you fail to apply innovative marketing techniques in getting your products to be seen by the right customers.
Let us work with you to deliver the success you have worked so hard for.

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Our Ideal Client

We Only Want Clients Who…

We want to work with clients who are in need of aggressive growth strategies to grow their business. If you have no desire to expand your business operations to a national and/or international level, then we are not the right fit for you.

While there are several marketing strategies that can be implemented to boost sales in the short term. We have found that the most effective sales strategies have less effect on the short term, more effect on the medium term and the most effect on the long term. 
So if you are running a short term business and you do not want to focus on long term growth, then we are not the right fit for you.

When you know exactly what you want, you make our job easier. Our job is to meet your sales and marketing needs, not diagnose your business problems (although we can toss that in when submitting our business evaluation). As a potential client, you need to be clear what exactly you want us to do for your business so that we can begin on a mutual understanding.

We hate to lose. 
This drives us to go extra-ordinary lengths for our clients. If we are to work with you, we need to be sure that you will also be willing and determined to go the extra mile to ensure your business succeeds just as much as or even more than we do. 

Our Guarantee

We believe “having skin in the game” is a sure way of convincing our clients that we are committed to the growth of their business. 
For this reason, we only charge a small monthly retainer fee and we only get paid when we deliver results. 

The retainer fee includes the cost of service and the use of our company IP for the execution of marketing and sales campaigns. 
We only get paid based on the results, either on a commission bases or on a pre-agreed price or both.

This is our guarantee to you, that you can trust us to give our all into helping you grow your business, because our success is tied to yours.

What We Did For Other Clients

Sales & customer acquisition

We worked with a financial institution to increase their customer base from 200 customers to over 36,000 customers, within 7 months. 
This led to a revenue increase to over $3,000,000, up from $10,000

Lead generation

We generated over 900 qualified leads for a client looking to register people for his digital event. Spending less than $200 in ads.

Sales Funnel Engineering

Harnessing the power of sales funnels, we helped a client double an e-commerce revenue using a single funnel and in less than 30 days. 

Building Africa - One small business at a time

At Blakrise Marketing Consult, we believe in Africa and we believe in African entrepreneurs. 

It is based on this belief that we wake up everyday more determined to grow black businesses than we went to bed the previous day.