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You have spent a small fortune coming up with the perfect business to serve the needs of your target market. 
Do not waste more money on ads or influencers until you have an effective and converting website. 

Afterall, your website is your master sales tool, and until you have one that can attract, lead and clearly communicate your value to your potential customers, your business cannot grow. 
That is why we came up with this insane offer which will help you turn website visitors into paying clients, and keep your notifications buzzing with orders. 

We at Blakrise, we offer the best website design service money can buy. We are a well-equipped team of graphic designers, copywriters, and web developers who want to help you scale your business with minimum marketing cost.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to sell products, your services or if you simply want to grow an audience for your blog, brand or content. 
We have got you covered.

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Total Value = GHS2,763.00

Regular price = GHS1500

Discount Price = GHS975.00

NOTE: Promo ends on 31st August 2021!!!

A Happy Client says...

Working with Blakrise has been a pleasant surprise. The team is super professional and helped me realize the perfect representation of my brand with my website. My site is easy to navigate and I have onboarded clients very easily with the scheduling features they provided. I definitely would recommend their service to everyone.” 

– Derick Brown
(CEO, Remotely Africa)

Our website development process

No two projects are the same, but our process has served us and our clients well across hundreds of website builds.

Technical Discovery Stage One
Assessing the situation, goals, and requirements

At this stage we are just trying to understand your business needs and how to craft the right solutions for your business growth.

Concept Development

During this stage, we basically just trade ideas based on the requirements you listed in the previous stage.

Low fidelity prototype

This is the first rough draft of your website, outlining the layout and architecture of the site to be created.

High fidelity prototype

At this stage we are ready to develop the actual site design. Different designs are created and tested based on your requirements.

Website development

Now we get to the actual meat of the project. This process usually takes an average of 2 weeks.

REVIEW Stage Six
Client review

After developing the site, we send it to you to review and your feedback is taken into consideration as continue to work on the site till perfection.

Preparing for take off

When we deliver your new site, we don’t just throw you the keys and run. We walk you through the CMS, show you how to use it (and how not to use it), and make sure everyone touching the website is comfortable with managing it.

Security, stability & reliability

You can either have your team manage and maintain the website or have us on a monthly retainer to manage, secure and maintain the website for you if you do not have a tech team to do so.

Some of our Latest Work

Over the years, we’ve had clients from all over the globe. These are just a few of our latest works…

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