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Our Intuitive websites Help You scale Your Business operations with zero increase in ad spend. Interested?

Running ads is easy! Just throw a bunch of words and ad creatives together, set your targeting parameters, add a budget, and voila! You have leads. But you are not spending all your money because you want leads. You are investing in ads and social engagements because you want to make sales and make lots and lots of sales!

That is hard.

Most people spend thousands of dollars every month, hoping the algorithm gods will automatically 2X, 5X, or even 10X their ad spend, Only to end up with huge debts, disgruntled employees, unsold products, and a DEAD business. The problem isn’t with the ads. The problem is that they don’t have an effective website that helps them turn their curious prospects into paying clients.

We want to help you scale your Operations

Our Killer websites are a perfect fit for your brand and help you communicate your value with an emphasis on connection and results. Interested?

With an effective Website, You Will…

Close More Clients
Without increasing your ad spend, you can turn a higher percentage of your leads into customers with a high-functioning website. Your website effectively communicates your value in your marketplace, and that leads to higher conversion.
Monetize Quickly and Easily
Having a website means you can explore other ways of making money online without directly selling your own products and services. You can make money from ads and affiliate partnerships because your visitors are also potential leads for other businesses who will gladly pay you to have access to them.
Know Your Customers Needs
With a proper website, you can get a feel of what your customers need from your business. You can track what they search for, spend on, and even how they respond to the content on the site. This will help in the planning and implementation of ideas to boost your business growth.
Build Trust and Credibility
Having a website tells prospects that your business is here to stay and is not a scam with a social media front. You can display verifiable works, testimonials, helpful content, and other materials that build trust with your audience on your website.
Streamline Communication
Having a good website allows you to organize and categorize information about your business in a way that is easily accessible to your prospect. You can also answer a lot of their nagging questions with an FAQ section so that you spend less time doing so on calls or via emails.
Get discovered more
When people are looking for a product or service, their first option is to google it. Having a website makes it possible to be easily discovered on a google webpage. It’s even more amazing when your website is ranking due to properly optimized content.

Which Of These Best Describe You?

If you Selected Any One Of Those, then you have only three options.

Option #1 Keep Doing the Same Thing You were Doing

Keep spending money on FB ads and trying to manually hard sell every single lead. It’s a slow and painful process, but it can be done, especially if you have a huge budget and aren’t in a hurry to have a profitable business.

Option #2 Spend the next 2-3 Years trying to figure it out on your own

You want revenue growth. You want a bigger audience. You want higher-paying clients, but you don’t want to pay money to get the results you want. With some diligent research and months of technical training, I am sure you’ll be able to figure out how to build an effective website.

Option #3 Let us help you build a website worthy of your biggest aspirations

You can take weekends off and work shorter workdays if you have a system that saves you time money and ultimately helps reach and convert more leads. Our websites do just that.

No fear of Tomorrow, Our Websites Help You to...

We work with you to create designs and craft messages consistent with the image you want to project about your business. Every element on your website is customized to make your prospects feel at home and well taken care of.

With effective messaging, you will be able to get more prospects to say yes to your offers and many more to go singing your praises to their friends and other associates. That type of loyalty and value for your business will come at no extra ad costs, thanks to your effective website.

The days of answering 100s of emails giving the same information over and over are over. With our website, you can automate 60%-90% of the selling process. Wonder what it would be like to win back 60 %-90% of your time speaking with customers? You can make that your reality with our website.

Social media accounts are shut down every day. You can be running a successful operation on your favorite social media, but one mistake or non-compliant post later, and you are left with nothing but a name. Our websites allow you to secure your company data on customers, work samples, testimonials, among others.

How Do We Proceed?

If you are excited about owning your very own intuitive website that allows you to sell more on autopilot, here are a couple of steps to expect on this journey with us.

The Discovery

We kickstart our partnership with a non-commital 10-minute discovery zoom call that allows you to determine whether or not we are a good fit for your business. You have the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and make specifications for how you want your work done. We also do the same. After this, we may follow up with a questionnaire or another call to delve deeper into your business so that we figure out the best way to serve you.

The Handshake

In this phase, being well informed of all the specific details about your business, we will prepare a quote which will include the following: Project deliverables, Project duration, Pricing. Terms and conditions, User rights etc. All of these will be negotiated and agreed upon before the start of the project. Ours is a totally transparent process.

The Work and Delivery

We keep communication open throughout the project’s development. You can be as involved or as off-hand as you like. To stay on track and ensure maximum satisfaction, we will consult you on certain decisions and provide regular updates on progress. We will deliver the final product before or on the agreed date. Any reasons for delays will be well-communicated ahead of time.

Give your business the facelift it deserves. You don’t have to break the bank trying to Build a premium website. We offer the most affordable solutions for your business.

How have we helped dozens of our clients improve their businesses?

Many of them had these slow, unresponsive, white elephants they called websites. After spending thousands of dollars on ads, they could not convert their leads because their websites did a terrible job of communicating their value and the results they could get their prospects.

They seemed shady and ill-prepared to handle the kind of jobs their dream clients would give them. As a result, they had to settle for shitty deals from cheap clients and lower revenue numbers.
That all changed when we made important tweaks to our version of their websites. Site visitors stayed for longer durations. They had more signups to their newsletters. Ultimately, their sales went through the roof.

But You are not interested in the past. You are interested in the future- your future and how we can help you improve your business.

A Happy Client says...

"Working with Blakrise has been a pleasant surprise. The team is super professional and helped me realize the perfect representation of my brand with my website. My site is easy to navigate and I have onboarded clients very easily with the scheduling features they provided. I definitely would recommend their service to everyone." 

Derick Brown CEO, Remotely Africa

They work very fast and were receptive to my needs. They took their time to explain everything to me and made building a website look easy

Alex Kwabena Gyapong Dakwa CEO, Bull And Wood Merchandise

I used to only sell my products on IG, but after they explained the benefits of owning my own website I had to switch. Its been 6 months now and I have no regrets. Thanks guys!

Kate Apaflo Founder, Natural Treats Industries

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