Scale to 6- Figures with effective Marketing Strategies: For Businesses on a budget

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(Less Than The Price Of A Cup of Coffee)

The Growth Accelerator Blueprint was design for Businesses on tight Budgets. In it, there are tips to help your business with:

Faster Growth

Learn how to command more eyeballs and tease more money out of your prospects wallet in an ethical manner. Find your marketing edge and position yourself to make more sales each month.

Staying Lean

Specifically designed for businesses on tight budgets, the tips shared in the blueprint help you minimize cost of marketing by narrowing down on what works and scaling as revenue grows.

Long-term ROI

Building a reliable leads channel and high converting asset over the course of 12 months is possible on a tight budget. This blueprint shows exactly how.

Ready To Shake Things Up In Your Business?

Hi, My name is Great Damzi and I am the CEO of Blakrise Marketing Consult. We put together this PDF of the best strategies to 3X Your revenue and possibly scale your online business to 6 figures if you are on a tight budget. As an agile marketing service provider, we have helped dozens of small businesses do exactly that. What we outline in the book are some of the techniques we employed as well techniques we discovered through research and the generous input of several business owners within our network. We hope that you enjoy them and that they bring you enormous success with your business.

Best Regards.