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  • More leads

    Get more potential customers interested in your service/product

  • More sales

    Make more sales than the competition

  • More brand authority

    Be the "Coca-Cola" of your industry.



Having "one-time" customers is an unsustainable business model. Your business needs raving & loyal fans who will ALWAYS buy from you no matter who the competition is or what they do. Find your niche, refine your message and build an unstoppable movement!

Close more sales

Sales is a process and not an event. A sale does not happen when the customer clicks the "Buy" button, that is only the final step in the long process. Create an effective sales process for your business that will PREDICTABLY and CONSISTENTLY bring in new customers.

Gain brand authority

Are you seeking to grow your brand? Or you want to promote a product and make it stand out from the competition? Harness the power of story telling and gain the brand recognition you desire. People don't care what you do, they care "why" you do it.

Double Your Sales - Grow Your Business

With a mix of the right marketing techniques, you can more than double your current annual revenue and sales - so what is holding you back?

YES! I want to double my sales!

About Me

Great Damzi is the name. I am an obsessively passionate young man with ambitions that would make Elon Musk shy. 

I do what I do because I love it (plus I have bills to settle and workers to pay, but that’s besides the point). 

I fell in love with marketing the moment I realized that everything around us that we call “life” was created through innovation and marketing. 

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Is one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the world. 

The best form of marketing is when your audience don’t realize they are being marketed to. 

Marketing can change the world!

why me

An idealistic optimist

I have an undying sense of positivity and will go all out to bring ideas into reality. I don’t give up, I don’t quit and I won’t rest till what I have set out to accomplish is achieved. Against all odds and rationalism.

hands on

You can’t climb a ladder with your hands in your pocket. I am always ready to fold my sleeves and get my hands in the mud if that is the only way to get the work done. When I am in – I go ALL in.

Winning addict

I LOVE to win. I won’t take on any challenge I know I can’t win but when I accept a challenge, it’s either a win or nothing else. With me on your team, the odds are ever in your favour.

here's what i will do for you

lead generation

You need to build a huge list of customers who you know are interested in a product/service you provide and will always buy from you when you give the right offer.

sales funnels

If you are already making sales but aren’t satisfied with the sales. Then you need a sales funnel. A sales funnel will more than double your total purchase per client. Increasing your revenue and profit.

sales fuunel

Brand community

Have a dedicated and loyal customer base by building an engaged community around your brand. Brand communities boost sales and word-of-mouth marketing like nothing else.


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latest Clients

A handful of my latest clients. From startups to more established organisations looking to prop up their brand and increase their audience size. 

There is no marketing need that cannot be met. I bet you!

Mushroom musters
more profitable than gold
Fourth wave institute

marketing Quote

“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.”

- Bryan Eisenberg

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